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School Hymn

We take for our foundation the Word forever laid

That through the changing ages is never changed or swayed;

The Christ that lives among us, our Savior and our Friend,

Our Helper and our Captain until the ages end.

Lord, give us all a vision of what our school may be,

When each forgets one’s wishes and works for School and Thee,

When each with understanding, maturity of sight,

Can take with grace and humor each difference and slight.

The school without a vision shall not for long endure,

Nor shall it stand securely without the basis sure.

Let all of us together build here a lasting place

To grow to man and womanhood in knowledge and in grace.

- A. Pierson Curtis

Dedicated to the Class of 1932 and debuted at the Baccalaureate Service

Tune: "Bailey" by R. Huntington Woodman, father-in-law of Pierson Curtis. Composed originally for the hymn "Down in the Pleasant Pastures".

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